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aT SAW Group International We:

Commercially render medical supplies and technological products and services. Whereas, industrially we offer engineering services in a form of mobile and modular structures.

Since the company’s establishment in 2008 we have worked with and gained many international links. With these relations we are able to source and resell the highest quality goods to South African businesses who require them. Furthermore, we have immersed ourselves in in three sectors, namely medical supplies, technology and engineering, and are consistently working on being the go-to for the many businesses in those industries. Currently we distribute in the medical industry, offer advanced technological services and manufacture mobile structures.

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working with us?

Various businesses and individuals can make use our products, it all depends on what they require. Since our offering is varied, our target market is different for every pillar of the company.

Our technology systems tend to target small to medium businesses and large businesses; government organisations like hospitals, home affairs, SARS etc. Our engineering targets the masses, from individuals to the very largest businesses that need mobile and modular structures.

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Our products are the most affordable with the very best quality.


We provide a fast and professional service with a customer-focused mentality.


This is at the forefront of everything we do as we constantly work on bettering ourselves and our business.

Level 1 BBEEE

We are proud to be a level 1 BBBEE, 100% black-owned South African Company.