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7 Inch Touch Tablet Customer Feedback
10 Inch Touch Screen Customer Feedback

Queue Management system  Components 

Main LED Display

Counter LED Display

Physical CallPad

Media Player Box

Main Media LCD TV Display

Ticket dispenser Kiosk

17 Inch Ticket Dispenser



19 inch Ticket Dispenser




15.6 inch Ticket Dispenser



17 Inch Ticket Dispenser



17 inch Ticket Dispenser




Wireless Calling System


  • Wish Pager, SB-650, is the first cradle charging type pager.
  • USB connector is located on the charging dock that makes charging more conveniently.
  • It is based on the original function and optimized for practical use.
  • The gorgeous red color makes your shop more luxurious.



  • Three call functions(CALL, BILL, CLEAR)
  • Mat finishing surface which make the transmitter look more premium
  • ‘Press button for service’: The indication is on the transmitter for customers who don’t know how to use it




  • Sending preset messages to designated server.
  • Able to edit 4 preset messages.
  • Paging up to 69 pagers by the transmitter.



  • Increase the signal coverage in order to receive all signals at desired area.
  • Can be operated either registration or non-registration mode.
  • Compatible with call bells, pagers and SR-A Series monitors.


Medical Technology 

Disinfection Channel with Temperature Measurement

The Disinfecting channel can be used to keep people safe in public areas like hospitals, schools, shopping malls, banks etc. How it works is that a person walks in and then they get their temperature measured by a face recognition/ infrared body temperature measurement instrument. At the same time they can sanitize their hands. After temperature measurement and hand sanitization they will walk through the channel as it sprays their entire body with disinfectants to ensure that they are wholly disinfected before they go into the organisation.